Nonprofit Partnerships: Going Beyond Construction

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During a season of giving, it is only fitting that we reflect upon some of the nonprofit organizations that are vital to our community. Staples has had the privilege of partnering with a variety of nonprofit organizations that have made lasting impressions and bountiful contributions to so many in need.  Our interactions with these organizations include both building projects and establishing enduring relationships. Projects with these organizations range from the construction of a new facility for smoother operations to tackling the need for affordable housing. Staples is honored to have worked, or is currently working, alongside these establishments: Boys & Girls Club of Camarillo, A Community of Friends, U.S. Vets, Casa Pacifica, Joni and Friends, Many Mansions, Cabrillo Economic Development Corporation, Ventura Family YMCA, Food Share of Ventura County, and Area Housing Authority of the County of Ventura.

We are currently partnered with the Boys and Girls Club of Camarillo for the construction of a new STEAM-dedicated wing, and renovations to portions of the existing facility. These new improvements allow for continual support of the non-profit’s goals and principles of accessibility and opportunities for the youth in our community. The building of this new wing, The Bill and Joanne Miller Wing, is dedicated to allowing youths to explore practical disciplines of educational means, such as critical thinking and hands-on applications. This new addition features a teen center club intended for those between 13-18 to gather after school and participate in intellectually challenging activities. The Bill and Joanne Miller Wing includes, a “fabrication/model lab that supports hands-on research and learning, a multi-purpose classroom, a demonstration and presentation area, and a snack room supporting nutritional studies”. More information regarding the specifics of this project can be found in our previous article, Building Better Futures: The Boys and Girls Club of Camarillo Groundbreaking is the Next Step.

The Boys and Girls Club of Camarillo prioritizes local youth development and encourages participation of as many boys and girls as possible. The establishment was founded in 1967, with nearly 4 million youths benefiting from club memberships and community outreach across their 4,300 clubs nationwide. Our work with the Boys and Girls Club in Camarillo provides the needed space and access for youth to explore their creative and educational endeavors. This project will promote and broaden the opportunities and programs available to all members and is testament to this establishment’s ongoing commitment to its members. Staples is proud to be a part of something bigger than just the  construction, but an expansion to something that marks continual education and development of future leaders of the community. More information regarding the Boys and Girls Club’s goals and objectives can be found in their Boys and Girls Club Homepage.

In addition to the involvement with the Boys and Girls Club, Staples is also working alongside A Community of Friends and U.S. Vets, at Ventura Springs. A Community of Friends is committed to providing affordable housing with services dedicated to helping veterans . This organization ensures stability for their tenants from the beginning, when a project is first conceived, to when the structure is fully occupied. Their mission is “to end homelessness through the provision of quality permanent supportive housing for people with mental illness”. Similarly, the non-profit organization U.S Vets expresses their support and aid to the veteran homeless population by firmly stating that “Every veteran should have a home”. They work to provide all veterans the opportunity to live with dignity and independence. This organization has dedicated its resources and energy to provide 20,000 veterans support each year, with 3,061 permanent housing placements since the organization’s inception (U.S. Vets).

The Ventura Springs community embraces the mission of providing affordable housing to those in need. This project consists of a 122-unit complex composed of 11 two-and three- story buildings over eight acres. This provides space and accommodation for those who may have experienced economic challenges in issues ranging from accessibility to quality housing. The goals of this project coincide with the principles of both A Community of Friends and U.S Vets. It’s committed to creating a community that will enrich the lives of our local veterans and their families. More information on our project with Ventura Springs can be found in our previous article A Groundbreaking For Veterans.

By partnering with organizations within our own community, Staples’ level of involvement shifts beyond just construction. In addition to building a structure, we are supporting the development of a true community with the organizations in which we work.  While we are in the business of construction, our underlying culture is the business of people. The support we’re able to provide in partnering with organizations such as the Boys and Girls Club of Camarillo, A Community of Friends, U.S. Vets and countless others has one goal in mind – leaving our community just a little bit better.

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