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a holistic process

Staples approaches every project from the perspective of relationships, respect, and trust to provide our clients with the most effective solutions and professional services in the industry. We combine common sense courtesies with workplan and management strategies to build trust unique to each of our team relationships and project needs. Each of these relationships creates a cohesion and understanding that endures long beyond project closeout.

Vector Smart Object

Everyone works differently. We know this and embrace it. Even if designers or clients appear to be similar on the surface, we understand their work process, team dynamics, institutional goals, user characteristics, wants, and needs often vary widely from one another. As builders, it’s our job to understand, listen, and adapt in response.

Over the last thirty years, Staples has developed a dynamic process that facilitates collaboration throughout the entire team – from architects, engineers, and subconsultants to owners, maintenance staff, and end users.

We tailor our process to address each projects’ circumstances and integrate them with a highly disciplined construction team. Before we have any meetings or begin analysis, we establish our team. We gather the best fits from each field–within our own company and our subconsultants–to create a cohesive whole that has an exemplary background of expertise in developing efficient and effective solutions and works well together.

SCC Team Strong

Our team is dedicated to enjoying what we do for a living. This means we continuously foster a family-like culture, both internally and externally. It helps us to think through the process from different perspectives and to connect what is truly needed to broader decisions like scheduling, and value versus value engineering.

We finesse the schedule, communication protocols, and team dynamics so they best suit the goals and working process of each project team. This encourages synthesis across multiple entities and promotes more focused, goal-oriented agendas.

To ensure continuity, our management team stays involved from inception through completion.

For example, estimating is heavily involved on the front-end and maintains an active advisory role throughout construction to ensure the pre-construction efforts are implemented to the best effect for final project success. Our Project Manager and General Superintendent are involved during the pre-construction phase as support and resources, and take over at the construction phase with a process we call the Red Team. 

During this transition, both pre-construction and construction teams discuss all project information, track all processes to date and prioritize and assign tasks for future phases. This helps ensure a smooth and seamless transition with open communication. We utilize Procore for project management to ensure this level of open communication about vital project progresses, issues and opportunities is maintained throughout the project.