Staples Customer Begins Processing New Subarus at Oxnard Processing Center

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Many vehicles come through the Port of Hueneme every year from overseas. Local processing centers handle final processing and distribution to dealerships across Southern California, Nevada, and New Mexico.

Now a new brand joins the Port: Subaru. With the help of Staples Construction.

First Shipment of Subaru Automobiles Arrives at the Port - The Port of Hueneme News

The Port took its first shipment of Subaru automobiles in mid-October 2018. Wallenius Wilhelmsen Solutions, or WWS, arranged the shipment and took the vehicles to its Oxnard processing center. A center that Staples Construction built for them.

What happens in a vehicle processing center? More than you might realize. Here's a list from the article:

  • Pre-delivery inspections
  • Labeling
  • Accessory installation
  • Port modification
  • Mechanical or warranty-related repairs
  • Paint and body repair
  • Rail loading for transport

Oxnard Processing Center
The WWS Vehicle Processing Center in Oxnard, receiving a new shipment of vehicles. Built by Staples Construction.

WWS reported that the new Subaru imports would trigger their hiring of 50+ local employees. They've been a great Staples customer, and we're glad to see their continued growth.

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