Staples Construction Sponsors CBRE’s annual Commercial Real Estate Symposium for the Seventh Year in a Row

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On January 29, 2016, CBRE hosted its annual “Commercial Real Estate Symposium & Economic Forecast.”

The event is a forum for commercial real estate professionals to discuss community trends, economic projects, market conditions, and more.  Over 200 professionals from the Ventura County & Conejo Valley marketplaces attended the day-long event.

Keynote speakers from CBRE, such as Mark Perry and Tom Dwyer, presented on market factors and industry motivations.

Staples Construction sponsored the Symposium this year, and has done so every year since 2009.  We are proud to sponsor such a valuable symposium for these past several years.

We see the CBRE Symposium as a valuable event both for staying in touch with our community, and for keeping our team up-to-date on the real estate world’s ongoing development.  Next year’s Symposium will bring us all more valuable economic insights…and Staples Construction will continue to sponsor.

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