North Hollywood Apartments Project Proceeding to Plan

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The North Hollywood "NOHO Apartments" Project is a 7-story mixed-use building, intended to contain a street-level row of retail shops and 127 residential apartments with 4 levels of parking (2 of which are subterranean).

"It's a major undertaking, and we're happy to say that the work is progressing quite well," stated Project Manager Ryan Tauro. According to Tauro, as of May 16, 2020, the basement level is under construction with foundations in place, shear walls and columns poured, perimeter shotcrete walls installed, and the basement slab-on-grade has been poured.

The Staples team faced a unique challenge with this project. Some of the shear walls are rather small due to space limitation and local parking requirements. However, given the building's size and placement, those same walls must incur substantial loads to meet Southern California earthquake safety standards.

The design solution? Reinforce portions of the shear walls with #18 rebar. That's rebar with a 2.25" diameter...which is unusually large.

NoHo Apartments Rebar

Per Tauro, "You’d typically only use this size rebar on a bridge, or a large freeway overpass.  It's not the easiest material to acquire or work with. Joining pieces together using mechanical couplers is the only way we could splice them. Not typical for this type of construction project. However, it is what we needed to do to ensure complete stability."

The next steps involve the project's vertical aspects. You can see the beginnings of those in the photo - concrete columns, elevated decks, and pipe sleeves for utility systems. This will continue to 2 floors above street grade, after which the construction will convert to wooden framing.

Project completion should take place by March 2022, in line with the Owner-approved schedule.

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