Diversity in the Workforce: How Staples Encourages Progression

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As the most diverse state in the Union, California has a reputation for being the melting pot of America.  By virtue of its population base, California experiences more global viewpoints and perspectives from its vast make-up of cultures and ethnicities. This diversity is a valuable component of our state’s culture as it lends to innovation and creativity. Decorated journalist Jose Mayorquin comments on the benefits of California’s diversity stating in his article for ABC News, “Our population is our greatest asset […]. It's our people that have made California from the start, and it’s our people that will make California in the future.” Staples Construction has always been dedicated to hiring based on skillsets and performance.  As our company diversity demographics mirrors the diversity of our community, we also benefit from this variety of perspectives and experiences in addition to qualifications.

Our history has shown that bringing in different ideas and viewpoints promotes a creative environment, allowing more effective problem-solving and communication. We sat down with Fanny Alarcon, Human Resources Manager at Staples Construction, to provide insight into Staples’ diversity.  Fanny shares Staples’ demographic breakdown in terms of gender and race in comparison to the demographics of Ventura County.  “Staples mirrors that of Ventura almost exactly. Our demographics include a workforce with racial backgrounds of 48% White, 43% Latino, 7% Asian or Pacific Islander, and 2% Black. This parallels Ventura’s demographics closely with only a one or two percent variance.”

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Staples’ growth and expansion has always remained in sync with the growth and diversity of our community.  Although our primary employment prerequisite is skillsets and qualifications, the diversity of our employee base has come naturally.  When viewing the data collected for a recent proposal, where Staples is unique is our gender demographics in comparison to the national industry demographics. Staples far surpasses the national average in the employment of women, comparing our 21% female employment with that of the industry demographic of 10%, according to the National Association of Women in Construction.

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Fanny spoke to her own experiences as a Latina woman working in the construction industry. She explained that her background allows for an understanding of differing viewpoints which is an added benefit that lends itself to stronger communication.  She explains, “Although not specific to my job as it is beneficial in many lines of work, this broad perspective on diversity is vital to my work in HR.” As a result of the skillsets of our people, coupled with the diversity of our culture, we see innovative and creative solutions naturally develop leading to more efficient solutions.

Diversity is a key element in progression. Working within diverse teams helps to promote creativity and can prompt effective dialogue. California is extremely diverse resulting in its progressive ideas and eclectic environment.  Staples is proud of the skill and professionalism of our people and their diverse cultural backgrounds that create our company environment. Through our people, we all benefit from the differing perspectives and outlooks on life, the generation of ideas, and ultimately, the cultivation of professional solutions that add to our accomplishments.

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