Careers in Construction: Building Up Experience

  • October 27, 2022
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October is Careers in Construction Month! This month supports awareness of the different paths and opportunities within a career in construction. In honor of this, Staples details the different career paths, benefits of the industry, and preparation encouraged for a career in construction. To get an inside look, we interviewed both President of the company, David Staples, and Human Resources Manager, Fanny Alarcon, for their perspectives on the endeavors within construction.

There is a multitude of different career paths under the umbrella of construction. With such a variety of work, there is an abundance of opportunities for those with differing skillsets, attributes, and qualifications. The skillset for non-field personnel, such as office and administrative staff, differs from that of laborers, carpenters, equipment operators, etc. This type of diversity of positions within construction opens doors to individuals with varying skillsets and interests. Individuals with dedication and motivation often excel within the construction industry. Communication skills are fundamentally key across the board, regardless of position. Fanny quotes that construction is a “relationship building industry.” Those pursuing a career within the industry thrive if they can communicate their ideas properly and effectively. It is essential that individuals are willing and able to collaborate with other team members with effective communication both in the field, and within the office.

When preparing for a potential career in construction, one should research the type of work that is of most interest and ensure it is in alignment your respective skillsets. Prior experience within construction is very helpful when applying for any career within the industry, even if the position you are applying for isn’t exclusive to construction (e.g. payroll, accounting, etc.). It shows you are familiar with the industry’s workplace environment, and you have an understanding of the concepts specific to construction.  However, it is not necessary to have experience in construction to consider pursuing a career within the industry. Fanny explains that for entry level positions, Staples looks for potential employees who can “function in our universe,” providing that they understand us as a company and will grow with us. Those who can function alongside the core principles of a company stand out in their qualifications.

A career in construction can provide an individual with valuable skillsets that transcend different industries.  Within the construction industry, there are many different roles—to name a few: project management, coordination, supervision, accounting, estimating, law and contract analysis, marketing and business development, human resources, etc.  These roles are as diverse as the experiences that you will encounter and require the same fundamental attributes regardless of the industry. If you can work and excel in the construction industry, you have access to gateway opportunities that can lead into different opportunities or career paths.

When asked what some benefits are for those in construction, David speaks to the distinct environment of working within the industry. He quotes, “One of the largest benefits of working in the construction industry is that there are always new challenges to building or constructing each project.” There is always something new, along with a new set of challenges to work through and solve as a team.” David goes on to say, “Each project takes on a life of its own with its own unique criteria for how it needs to be done.” This type of work can provide fulfillment and excitement to those who are creative and passionate about problem-solving.

The construction industry is very rewarding. People who have spent a lifetime in this profession recognize their career as purposeful in that what they were part of is both measured and tangible. David agrees with this notion of fulfillment and says, “It is not uncommon to drive along the freeway and to point out the buildings or structures that one has built. Knowing that you were a part of something that people can point to and recognize is a rewarding achievement.”

To view the open positions within Staples, check out our careers page here.

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