2017 W3 Awards: Staples Construction Website Wins not One, but Two Awards!

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Less than a year after it went live, the new Staples Construction website has won 2 awards!

On the suggestion of our highly talented and skilled website developer PlanetMagpie, we submitted the new StaplesConstruction.com website to the W3 Awards. These awards honor the year's best creative excellence in websites, video, social media, and mobile. There are three award levels: Silver, Gold, and Best in Show.

The categories in which Staples won are:

    1. Best in Show:  Website Features - Visual Appeal - Experience
      Award winners must have a website that makes the visitor feel comfortable, empowered to answer their questions, and confident in taking whatever action needed.


  1. Silver:  Website Features - Home Page
    Award winners must have a website whose homepage demonstrates the organization's goals, welcomes the visitor, and provides excellent guidance on how to use the website.

W3 Awards Best in Show – Winners Gallery

President David Staples had this to say on winning the W3 Awards:  “Of all the endeavors we took on within the last two years (started in 2016 and reaped the rewards during 2017) the new Staples branding initiative and updated website rollout are a major success within our company and within the community.”

The W3 Awards had 35 Best in Show award categories and 5,000 total website entries.  Being a part of the winning entries is something to celebrate!  Thank you to the W3 awards judges for the recognition and to PlanetMagpie for working with us on this endeavor.

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