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Project Announcement: Casa Pacifica in Camarillo

Staples Construction — January 09, 2017
Project Announcement:  Casa Pacifica in Camarillo

Staples Construction is happy to announce the Casa Pacifica Multi-Family Housing project. Construction work has now begun on the mixed-use property in Camarillo, working with PK Architecture.

Casa Pacifica is new construction of 3 single-story buildings, and a remodel of one existing single-story building—a grand total of 56,861 square feet. We’re also improving the parking lot by increasing the amount of perimeter parking. The project is expected to complete in August of 2019.

The site address is 1722 S. Lewis Road, Camarillo, California. This project is owned & directed by the Casa Pacifica Center, an organization dedicated to providing help for abused, neglected, or at-risk children and their families. Everyone on the Staples Construction team is glad to help the Center continue their mission.